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CRA has the ability to perform comprehensive fire origin and cause determination investigations.  CRA’s staff has extensive experience in fire science, with over 460 certified hours of training in fire chemistry, fire suppression, fire ground operations, emergency management, building construction, hazardous materials, vehicle technology, and fire behavior.  With experience in both volunteer and career firefighting and emergency services, CRA’s staff is well versed in understanding the progression of fire and identification of accidental, incendiary, and natural fire causes.  This expertise allows CRA to provide services in:

  • Fire Investigation

    • Area of Origin Identification

    • Fire Cause Determination 

  • Vehicle Fire Investigation

    • Light and Heavy-Duty Vehicle Fire Investigation

    • Off-road Vehicle Fire Investigation

    • Motorcoach Fire Investigation

  • Comprehensive Firefighting Analysis

    • Fire Attack Operations

    • Incident Scene Management

    • Water Supply

    • Advanced Firefighting Tactics

    • Large Scale Incident Critique