Crash Research & Analysis, Inc.

Event Data Recorder

Imaging, Analysis, & Interpretation


Areas Of Expertise:

  • Data Imaging / Retrieval

  • Unbiased Data Analysis

  • Comprehensive Data Interpretation

  • Forensic Analysis of Data

  • Crash Reconstruction Using Imaged Data

  • Bosch Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) Tool & Software

  • Global Information Technology (GIT) Tool & Software

  • Detroit Diesel Electronic Controls (DDEC) Software & Reports

CRA personnel are among the most highly skilled engineering and research firms in the field of EDR analysis and interpretation.  Our expertise dates to the early development of proprietary tools and software used for government research Beta testing in the 1990’s.  This expertise has been honed through the analysis and reconstruction of hundreds of real-world crashes and government test programs.  CRA personnel are certified as Bosch Crash Data Retrieval Analysts, with continuous update training through 2018.  CRA capabilities include standalone interpretation, or combined with other reconstruction offerings/capabilities.